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Below are eight papers on certain larger topics surrounding the conversion of public housing to Section 8. Hopefully, these documents will serve as helpful contributions to broader policy discussions. I welcome any thoughts and comments.


In light of recent news of a bribery scandal at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), this paper explores the issue of what reform means for the nation’s largest PHA and why a call for greater centralization of purchasing and budget authority might actually be counterproductive.


After a Decade of RAD, What Now?

HUD recently celebrated RAD's 10-year anniversary. This paper looks at why it's time to consider a permanent conversion program and what some key elements of such a program might look like.

Public Housing's New Math

This paper looks at the essential figures that PHAs must know to assess which conversion option provides the best rents.

Recognizing Functional Obsolescence Under Section 18

This paper, co-authored with Rob Hazelton of Dominion Due Diligence (D3G), argues that the rules governing public housing demolition and disposition can and should be amended to recognize functional obsolescence, which would greatly help PHAs in repositioning planning, especially for their legacy projects.

Beyond Public Housing

In Beyond Public Housing, I argue that it is time to think about moving on from the public housing program. We should be talking about preserving the assistance, not the program.

HUD's Very Quiet Rescue Plan for Very Small PHAs

In HUD’s Very Quiet Rescue Plan for Very Small PHAs, I discuss the freedom now available to very small PHAs, who account for more than 30% of all agencies, to move off the public housing platform and become Section 8 owners – and why that’s a good thing.

The Troubled PHA and Troubled Project Problem

In The Troubled PHA and Troubled Project Problem, I suggest that the conversion to Section 8 offers a new, powerful tool in solving the problem of chronic non-performers.

Post-Conversion Oversight of RAD PBV Projects

In Post-Conversion Oversight of RAD PBV Projects, I play out how the future might look for overseeing RAD PBV projects and why it makes sense to treat them differently from standard PBV projects.

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