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About Greg Byrne

I have spent 40 years in the public housing program, much of which in an effort to bridge the gap between public housing and our other multifamily housing programs, including:

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Director, Miami/Dade County Public Housing Authority (1992-1996),

where we radically decentralized property management services, eliminated all central warehouses, and   introduced private management for about abou15% of the public housing stock;

Project Director, Harvard’s Public Housing Operating Cost Study (1998-2001),

which gave birth to the new public housing Operating Fund Rule (24 CFR 990) and its accompanying asset management reforms;

Director, HUD’s Public Housing Operating Fund Program (2003-2009),

which oversaw public housing’s implementation of asset management, including introducing the fee-for-service model; redesigning the Public Housing Assessment System to align with project-based oversight; and revamping the public housing procurement handbook to support property-based management; and

Director, HUD’s Affordable Housing Transaction Division (2010-2021),

which underwrote all RAD transactions and provided technical assistance to countless PHAs on repositioning.

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